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Our Combo Plates are designed for ease of ordering. Each is served with Apples, Grapes, and Assorted Crackers.
You may add on any of our Cheeses, Meats, and/or Sides at regular price.

THE BASIC – Barber’s 1833 Vintage Cheddar, Gouda Lekker and Molinari Salami Toscana ($13)

THE TEXAN – Deep Ellum Blue, BVC Swiss, Wenzel Smoked Gruyère and Jagerwurst ($17)

THE ITALIAN – Asiago Pressato, DMC Fresh Mozzarella and Prosciutto di Parma ($18)

THE HEATHER – Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor, Cotswold, Bison Habenero/Cheese Summer Sausage, SB Spanish Secco Chorizo and Cornichons ($18.50)

THE FRENCHIE – Belletoile, Comté Gruyere, Blue d’Auvergne and SB Rosette de Lyon ($19)

THE SPANIARD – Drunken Goat, Manchego DO, Olive Manchego and Secco Chorizo ($19.50)

THE EDDIE – SB Rosette de Lyon, SB Spanish Secco Chorizo, La Bresse Farms Smoked Duck Breast, Bison Habenero/Cheese Summer Sausage and Marcona Almonds (Mary’s Gone Gluten Free Crackers available upon request) ($25)

THE BROOKS – Belletoile, Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor, Barber’s 1833 English Vintage Cheddar, Bleu d’Auvergne, La Bresse Farms Smoked Duck Breast, Prosciutto, Olives and Marcona Almonds ($39.50)

BIG NIGHT (groups of 6 or more) – Deep Ellum Blue, Wenzel Smoked Gruyere, Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor, Gouda Lekker, Belletoile, Comté Gruyere, Bravo Farms Chipotle Cheddar, Barber’s 1833 English Vintage Cheddar, Jagerwurst, Molinari Salami Toscana and Smoked Duck.  Also comes with Cornichons and Olives ($50)



R – Raw Milk / P – Pasteurized Milk


BRAZOS VALLEY CHEESEMarc Kuehl’s Raw Milk Cheeses are delicious, complex and local.  (From Waco, Texas)

Brie (R) –Amazingly smooth and runny (at room temperature), this Texas Stunner might make you forget all about French Brie.  A Veritas favorite! ($6)

DALLAS MOZZARELLA CHEESE COMPANYFounded in 1982 by Paula Lambert, the DMC Company is among the most celebrated and awarded Cheese companies in America, having won over TWENTY First Place Prizes at the American Cheese Society Championships!

Cracked Black Pepper Goat (P) –Fresh, mild, delicate chevre, lightly salted and rolled in cracked black pepper. ($6)

Deep Ellum Blue (P) –Named for the neighborhood in which it is produced, this creamy, spreadable blue is aged for at least two months.  Try this well balanced blue with a glass of port for a killer combination! ($5.25)

Fresh Mozzarella (P) –The original and namesake of the Mozzarella Company, Paula learned how to make this Italian staple at a creamery in Perugia, Italy.  Simple, slightly salty….delish! ($5.75)

WENZEL LONESTAR MEAT COMPANY – Situated in tiny Hamilton, Texas, this outfit makes award-winning meats and cheeses.

Smoked Gruyère (P) – This smooth Texas Gruyère has a rich, smoky flavor. ($5.25)


Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor (P) –A First Place Prize at the 2009 American Cheese Society Championships, this ripened Goat Milk cheese is flavored with Truffles! ($6.50)


Cotswold (P) –This ‘pub cheese’ is a Double Gloucester to which Chives and Onions have been added.  The Cheese itself is somewhat Cheddar-like in appearance and taste; the Chives and Onions enhance the flavor profile.  Try with a Full-Bodied Red or an English Ale. ($4.75)

Barber’s 1833 English Vintage Cheddar (P) –Aged at least 24 months, this cheddar has refined notes of sweetness to balance out its tangy sharpness. ($4.75)


Bleu d’Auvergne AOC (P) –From the Auvergne region in south-central of France, cow’s milk blue, pasteurized, slightly tart and salty, sweet and crumbly.  Try this mild blue on an apple slice with a drizzle of honey. ($4.75)

Comté Gruyere AOC (R) –From the Jura Mountains in eastern France, this cheese is made only with summer milk and is aged 14 months.  One of the world’s great cheeses ($5)

Belletoile (P) –From Lorraine on the German border, the name means ‘beautiful star’. It is a soft-ripened cow’s milk triple cream with a rich, creamy, buttery flavor. This is the first triple cream cheese to be exported to the US. ($5.75)


Gouda Lekker (P) –In English, “Lekker” translates to “delicious”…and this mature gouda certainly is!  Aged for six months, this cheese has a delicate, full and creamy taste that pairs well with darn near everything! ($4.75)


Asiago Pressato DOP (R) –This young Asiago governed by the Italian DOP system has a semi-firm and creamy paste.  Fresh, fruit and grassy, the name is derived from the way the cheese is ‘pressed’ during production. ($4.75)


Manchego DO Valdehierro (R) –The production of this Raw Milk Manchego is governed by both the Spanish DO system and the European PDO system.  Semi-soft and rich with a mildly nutty flavor, the raw milk plus the 12 months of aging adds to the noticeable complexity.  Premium! ($5.50)

Olive Manchego (P) –This semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese from La Mancha is inlaid with slices of Cuquillo olives adding a subtle smoked sweet flavor with a surprising note of walnut at the end. ($6)

Drunken Goat DO (P) –Fernando endorses this cheese! From Murcia in eastern Spain, this cheese is cured with red wine. Semi-soft, sweet and buttery with notes of nuts, this is made for red wine! ($5.50)




WENZEL LONESTAR MEAT COMPANY – Situated in tiny Hamilton, Texas, this outfit has won multiple awards at the Texas Association of Meat Processors Convention for its Meats.

Jagerwurst –This well-herbed, smoked, German-styled Sausage bursts with flavor! ($4.75)

Bison Habanero/Cheese Summer Sausage –The name of the product says it all.  Wow! ($4.75)


Molinari Salami Toscana – Made in the traditional Tuscan style, this tangy Pork and Beef Salami is a crowd pleaser! ($4.75)


SALUMERIA BIELLESE – Founded in 1925 by Italian immigrants from the Province of Biella, Salumeria Biellese is widely regarded as one of the very finest artisanal makers of Italian-styled salumi in the United States.  Part of the reason SB products are so quality is the quality of the pork; only Berkshire pork is used.

SB Rosette de Lyon –This is made in the style of the most famous of the French saucisson sec.  Red wine gives it its distinctive kick. ($5.75)

SB Finochietta –This coarsely ground Italian-styled salame is grandly flavorful.  It is seasoned with fennel seed and fennel pollen to add a delicate finish to the palate. ($5.75)

SB Spanish Secco Chorizo –Fine ground Berkshire pork produced in the Spanish-style with lot of hot pepper and paprika! ($5.75)

La Bresse Farms Smoked Duck Breast –From La Bresse Farms in New York, we thinly slice this delicacy to order.  Pair it with a Pinot Noir. ($6.75)


Prosciutto di Parma –Four ingredients are necessary for the production of Prosciutto di Parma:  Italian Pigs; Sea Salt; Air; and Time!  This product is extra rich because the producer, Numero Uno, feeds its pigs a special diet of Reggiano Whey for 4 months! ($8.75)



Selected Greek Olives ($4.50)
Marcona Almonds ($4.50)
Cornichons ($3)
White Truffle Oil ($2.25)
Zip Code Honey ($2.25)
Zip Code Honeycomb Honey ($2.75)