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Veritas Wine Room features an ever-changing selection of approximately 400 wines from around the world. From great Napa Cabernet Sauvignon to affordable Spanish Tempranillo to the most obscure Italian Orange Wines and everything in between, Veritas Wine Room’s Wine List is so diverse it literally has something for everybody.

The Veritas Wine Room by-the-glass menu features an ever-changing selection of approximately 30 wines. There will be something different to sample almost every time you visit us.

Veritas Wine Room is much more than just a “wine bar”. Our Wine Friendly Food Menu features the finest meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, chocolates, and other items from around the world, and many of these selections come from Texas.

While wine is the primary focus of Veritas Wine Room, the owners and staff love beer! The Beer List features 25 selections from around the world, and telling you what we don’t have will give you an idea of what we do carry – no Budweiser, no Bud Light, no Coors, no Coors Light, no Miller, no Miller Lite. If it is mass-produced and flavorless, we avoid it. And if you have ever wanted to sample a wide-selection of Texas craft brews, then Veritas Wine Room is your spot!

Veritas Wine Room features the finest chocolates made in Texas – Wiseman House Chocolates from Hico, Texas!

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